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DURATION : 02 Months

Under Solar designs Tasks (50kW Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant) :

  • How to Gather Basic Information about Site
  • Roof top Area Assessment in Google earth software
  • Manual Assessment of Roof Orientation and Material of Construction
  • Generation of Sunpath Chart
  • Substation Details and Metering Room Details
  • Collection of Utility Electricity Bills and Calculation of Average Power Demand
  • Recommendation on Optimum Solar Installation Capacity
  • Selection Of Solar Panels And Array Sizing
  • Design And Placement Of Solar Array
  • Introduction to Google sketch up Software
  • Preparation of Model in Google sketchup Software
  • Mounting of Solar Panels over Roof and Shadow Analysis in Sketch up Software
  • Energy Yield Estimation
  • Calculation of Energy yield estimation
  • Specific Energy Yield Estimation and Performance Ratio
  • Monthly Energy Generation by Solar Power Plant
  • Monthly Energy Generation of Solar Power Plant in PVWatt
  • Selection of Inverter and Number of MPPTs
  • Selection of ACDB and DCDB (String Combiner Box)
  • Selection of Solar Net Meter
  • Design Of DC Cable
  • Design Of AC Cable (Armored Cable)
  • Design of Mounting Structure
  • Detail Circuit Diagram of 50kW On Grid Rooftop Solar System
  • List of Material required for 50kW Solar Plant Construction
  • Projected Cost of the Project
  • 50kW Solar Plant Financial Model in Simple Excel.

Under Technical Installation , Working and Commissioning of Solar plant

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to basic concepts of Solar Energy and solar radiation (GHI, DNI, DHI, Depletion of light, Visible light Spectrum and Solar Irradiation Calculation following on earth with formula based calculation)
  • Basics of Earth Sun Angle (Azimuth Angle, Zenith Angle, Air mass, Altitude Angle, Hour angle, Equation of Time, LSTM, Time correction Factors and Local Solar Time)
  • Basics of Electricals (Ohm’s law, KVL and KCL, Series and Parallel Circuits, Short Circuit, Open Circuit)
  • Basics of Semiconductors and PN Junction Diode and its Characteristics
  • Basics of Solar Cell (Working, types, IV Characteristics and Construction)
  • Basics of Solar Panel (Working, types, features, Installation and Sizing for solar power plant with practical demonstration)
  • Types of Solar Power System (On-grid, Off- grid and Hybrid with circuit Diagrams and detail functional working)
  • Concept of Net metering, Feed in tariff, Grid Parity, gross metering and remote Net metering.
  • Solar Panel Tilt angle and optimum array position designing
  • Shadow Analysis over Solar Array
  • Bypass Diode and Hotspot Heating
  • Blocking Diode and Mismatch losses in Solar Array
  • Optical and recombination losses (Concept of Antireflective Coating)
  • Daily, monthly and Yearly Energy Yield Estimation with formula based calculation
  • Specific Energyu Yield Estimation and Performance ratio of solar power plant
  • Solar Inverter (Types, Significance, Working , Installtion and Sizing according to Capacity of Power plant )
  • Islanding and anti Islanding Concept and its solution
  • Number of strings and MPPT calculation
  • Array sizing calculation and design
  • Solar Battery (Types, Significance, Working , Installtion and Sizing according to Capacity of Power plant)
  • Solar Charge Controller (Types, Significance, Working , Installtion and Sizing according to Capacity of Power plant)
  • Solar String Combiner Box (Types, Significance, Working , Installtion and Sizing according to Capacity of Power plant)
  • Solar Wires and Cables (Types, Ampacity and voltage drop calculation , Installtion and Sizing according to Capacity of Power plant)
  • Detailed sizing of Sting DC Cables, Main DC cable, LT Armoured AC Cable, HT Armoured AC Cable
  • Solar Cable Management System (Cable ties, Clips, Cable Tray, Cable Conduit, Cable Rack Selection and Installation)
  • Solar Panel Mounting Structure (Types, Materials, Channel Structure, Designing and Installation according to Plant Capacity) )
  • Various types of roofs and Roof zones
  • Civil Construction and Foundation (Types of Civil Construction used, Driven pile, Screw, Helical piles and Ballasted foundation design and Practical Demonstration) )
  • Solar Power System Earthing (Earthing types, methods, Practical demonstration of Earthing in solar power plant)
  • Solar Array Grounding (Panel Grounding and Array Grounding and its practical demonstration)
  • Solar array connection (Practical Demonstraction of how to connect MC4 Solar Connectors and Wiring System)
  • Solar System Lightening Protection and Surge Protection Devices (Methods and Process of lightening Protection and Location of SPDs)
  • Cable Connectors (MC4, Cable Lugs, Cable glands types Significance and Practical demonstration)
  • Installation tools used in Solar System
  • Testing of Solar Power Plant (Start up and Emergency Shut down of Solar Power Plant Process)
  • Types of Testing like (Continuity, Polarity, Insulation Restistance, Voltage and current, Performance testing process in detail)
  • Operation and Maintenance of Solar Power Plant (Panel Maintenance, Inverter, Charge controller, Battery and Cable Maintenance in detail))
  • Cleaning Process and methods for solar array with practical demonstration
  • Commissioning of Solar Power Plant (All commissioning process and Documentation)
  • Practical Demonstration for Installation of Rooftop Solar Power Plant on Site
  • Case Study – Detail Design Calculations for 10kW On grid Rooftop Solar System
  • Case study covers and A to Z Manual Formula based calculation of Energy yield estimation, Solar Array calculation, Placement of Solar Array with diagrams and connections in series and parallel, Solar Inverter Calculation, Solar DC and AC cable Calculation, DC Combiner box and AC Combiner Box Selection, Solar Net Meter
  • Selection and Graphical representation of Monthly Energy generation from 10kW power plant with Monthly performance ratio

What candidate will get during the Solar designs Internship:

The Internship will be under Solar Secure Solutions firm which is a Solar EPC firm having a registered office at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in which students will be given the opportunity to work as an intern in the departments of the company.

Interns will work in Technical Department(Solar designs).

Interns will do the related task on current running solar projects of the company such as design-related tasks, marketing tasks in this 2 Months period time and will complete the task within the deadline given by the solar secure team.


Mode: online – You can easily do work from home internship via mobile/laptop/desktop/Tablet.

Flexible Timing– You can access this internship any time, anywhere with simplicity.

Ease of Registration via online.

Attractive Solar Education Videos– Videos make your learning more interesting and easy to understand.

Doubt Clarification-Our Solar Design team for doubt clarification anytime.

Online certification– After completing the internship certificate will be sent to you via email.

Values you will get after completing the internship – Complete solar company’s work exposure and training as per industry standards, for completing internship requirements as per university syllabus of students.

Get opportunities of working in multiple solar project tasks with latest technology tools.

Get maximum LIVE easy, enjoyable, interaction sessions during specific solar project tasks training and briefing.

Fulfill your Internship requirements.

Get career motivational talks by Industry professional.

Connect and work with other college students and share culture during internship.

Complete Your Industry Level Solar Designs Certifications:

What you require for this INTERNSHIP :

  • PC/ Laptop with 4G Internet Connection with Note book.
  • Calculator
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Pen

Duration : 02 Months


June 27th ,2022 (10 AM Onwards)


June 25th ,2022 Till 11.59 PM



    NOTE: The internship is performance Incentive based for complete 02 months with only a one-time registration charge of 999/- (which includes your certification, documentation, specific projects tasks related to briefing and training by the firm and for the candidate seriousness) and no other charge will be taken by the candidate during whole 02 months internship.

    One Time Internship Registration charge 999/-. Don’t Lose Time >>ENROLL NOW After registration, the Candidate will get the payment receipt and an acknowledgment mail for the successful registration by the support team. The link will be active till June 25th ,2022 Till 11.59 PM.

    1.MSME (Government of India) approved certifications, which is applicable in all industries.
    2.Letter of recommendation.
    3.Opportunity to work with solar professionals.
    4.Online training and briefing regarding every task given.
    5.24x 7 online support team .
    6.Fulfill your Internship requirements.
    7.Get career motivational talks by Industry professional.
    8.Connect and work with other college students and share culture during internship.
    NOTE : You will receive an acknowledgement mail for your successful registration after completing your one time internship registration fee payment with internship commencing details in it after completing your registration.

    Kindly WhatsApp on +91-9616784391 for acknowledgement mail confirmation.

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