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Online Solar Designs Internship (Stipend Based)

Get opportunities of working in multiple solar project tasks with latest technology tools.

Electric Vehicles Designs Internship (Stipend Based)

Best Online Internship for Engineers to learn about electric Vehicle related Industrial Skills, Practices and Technologies from the Experts.

Embedded systems Internship (Work From Home)

Hands On Project related work on Embedded Systems design softwares

SMART GRID (Work From Home Internship)

Understand the communication and wide area monitoring in smart grid.

Web Development and Artificial Intelligence Internship (Stipend Based)

Build 10 Hands on web development projects in JavaScript with source code. Best Online Internship for Engineers.

Power System Operation and Control Internship

To learn and implement operations and controls of power systems and to learn the modern computer control in power systems.

Full Stack Web Development Internship(Stipend Based)

Work on 13 real Projects on Full Stack Web Development

AUTOCAD Projects internship

Work in real AUTOCAD Projects

Data Scientist internship

Data Science is a rapidly expanding field with many available opportunities. And it’s great if you’ve decided to plunge headfirst into this field!


On the first day ,

Your Internship Offer letter will be generated, duly signed by your industrial mentor (Internship manager) and will be sent to you via mail .

On the same day , you will be given Intern short trainee portal drive access via the designs team mail .

Then after completing your phase 2 , you will forwarded to the designs team in which they will send your task portal access with password . You have to complete your tasks related to designs within a deadlines given by them .

You will get MSME Govt. of India approved certificate which you can apply in any industry and for college requirement also.

You will get the letter of recommendation by the solar secure team which will benefit you in applying to any companies for job and higher studies after your engineering.

Time is very flexible in this internship .You have to complete your all internship task under our internship task portal within deadlines given by the team.  

We understand you are starting your learning journey. Hence, the program is designed to cover the basics – good for even folks with prior knowledge. 

An Internship is for college students to learn the basics of the Industry. A good starting platform to meet the university’s internship requirement along with real learnings.

Whereas a Course is much detailed program on the technologies used in the industry. It has industrial projects, much more detailed content, an LoR and career-related sessions. It is meant for students and industry folks who are looking to upgrade themselves for jobs or higher studies.

Once you have registered for the internship and paid for it, we will share with you the login details to study the portal of Internship Task Portal  where you can access the content. 

We think doubt resolution is the most important part of an internship. Hence, we’ve three channels for you to get your doubts resolved- 
1. Ask us doubt on the Video platform itself and we will reply to you there
2. A chat group for doubt resolution, you could ask us there
3. Live doubt resolution sessions, you could ask your doubts there too!

After the internship:  Definitely, you will have plenty of doubts after the internship and for that, we provide you with a dedicated email id of our experts, you can get their assistance through the mail to clarify all your issues.

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