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PROFILE : HEV Designs (Intern)

Min. Education qualification required: Pursuing B.E or B.Tech( 02nd,3rd or 4th year) in Electrical, Electronics, Electronics and telecommunication, Automobiles or Power field/ Candidates from any Solar Power related education stream or Candidates pursuing B.Voc (Renewable Energy ) Programs or Solar Technician ITI Courses.

Under Internship Tasks (Hybrid Electrical Vehicles designs ) :

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles Drive train and safety with design Software.
  • Architecture of hybrid drive train
  • Introduction to Energy Storage system, Battery Requirements for HEVs, PHEVs, and EVs.
  • Types of batteries, Properties of batteries.
  • Working principle and construction of lead-acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion batteries.
  • Complete Overview of all High Voltage components involved in an electric or hybrid Vehicle.
  • Cradle-to-grave of an automotive OEM to understand the effect of electric vehicle on the carbon footprint.
  • Describe the main hybrid and electric vehicle development considerations and performance requirements for various vehicle system
  • Apply the operation of brushless dc and induction motors to HEV and EV vehicles
  • Define the torque speed curves for motors and the application to electric and hybrid electric vehicles
  • Define and analyze battery operation and performance requirements for HEV, PHEV, EREV and full electric vehicle applications
  • Estimate the size of a cell to meet a specific requirement
  • Describe the functions performed by a Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Understand different thermal management methodologies applied for the battery pack systems and their challenges
  • Explain different approaches to estimating state of charge, state of health, power and energy
  • Compare and contrast the various industry and regulatory standards for hybrid vehicle components, batteries, and charging systems
  • Identify how to define key vehicle system requirements and select and size system components that best meet those requirements
  • Understand various testing and regulatory requirements for electric vehicle and components at both system and subsystem level and many more.

What candidate will get during the Internship:

  • Candidate will able to understand the basics of electric vehicle components and configuration.
  • Candidate will able to understand the various charging types, comfort and safety methods.
  • Candidate will able to understand the application of electric vehicle in Smart grid.
  • Advanced charging system technology, New developments in charging systems.
  • Advanced starting system technology, New developments in starting systems.
  • Smart grid technologies: Applications / Benefits and many more .


  • Mode: online – You can easily do work from home internship via mobile/laptop/desktop/Tablet.
  • Flexible Timing– You can access this internship any time, anywhere with simplicity.
  • Ease of Registration via online.
  • Attractive Solar Education Videos– Videos make your learning more interesting and easy to understand.
  • Doubt Clarification-Our Solar Design team for doubt clarification anytime.
  • Online certification– After completing the internship certificate will be sent to you via email.
  • Values you will get after completing the internship – Complete solar company’s work exposure and training as per industry standards, for completing internship requirements as per university syllabus of students.
  • Get opportunities of working in multiple solar project tasks with latest technology tools.
  • Get maximum LIVE easy, enjoyable, interaction sessions during specific solar project tasks training and briefing.
  • Fulfill your Internship requirements.
  • Get career motivational talks by Industry professional.
  • Connect and work with other college students and share culture during internship.

Complete Your Industry Level Certifications.

What you require for this INTERNSHIP :

PC/ Laptop with 4G Internet Connection with Note book.
Phone with 4G Internet connection.

Duration : 01 Month 20 Days


June 27th , 2022 (10 AM Onwards)


June 25th ,2022 Till 11.59 PM(Extended)


    NOTE: The internship is unpaid for complete 02 months with only a one-time registration charge of 699/- Refundable at the end of the Internship under the Refund policy of the firm(which includes your certification, documentation, specific projects tasks related to briefing and training by the firm and for the candidate seriousness) and no other charge will be taken by the candidate during whole 02 months internship.

    One Time Internship Registration charge 699/- (Refundable). Don’t Lose Time >>ENROLL NOW After registration, the Candidate will get the payment receipt and an acknowledgment mail for the successful registration by the support team. The link will be active till June 25th,2022 Till 11.59 PM.

    NOTE : You will receive an acknowledgement mail for your successful registration after completing your one time internship registration fee payment with internship commencing details in it after completing your registration.

    Kindly WhatsApp on +91-9616784391 for acknowledgement mail confirmation.

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