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Electric Vehicle Designs Internship

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An online internship for students who want to understand the fundamentals of Electric Vehicle architecture to do a system and component-level analysis of Electric Vehicles.
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What Skills I will Acquire?

This Online Internship gives you the in-depth skills required to get your hands dirty and make you prepared for real industry challenges and expectations.
  • Electric Vehicle Architecture
  • Battery Design
  • Battery Safety Protocol
  • Battery Properties and Heating Management
  • Battery Thermal and Current Monitoring
  • EV Powertrain Design

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Internship Content

Education is the process of acquiring the body of knowledge and skills that people are expected to have in our society. It develops a critical thought process in addition to learning.

In this, you will learn how the technology transition happened between ICE and EV
Automotive Industry and quality of air
EV compared to ICE
Total cost of ownership
EV architecture

Want to know about the powerhouse of EV? In this, you will learn about different properties & chemistry of Battery design and its applications
Introduction to batteries
Energy storage systems
Energy and Power density charts
Types of Battery
Li-Ion Battery
Types, Construction, and Shapes of battery
Lithium-Ion batteries and technologies
Battery Properties
Battery dependency on resistance, temperature, etc
Voltage and current characteristics
C – rate and its effect on the battery and its performance

Advanced Battery Properties
Major parameters affecting the battery
General Equations and Calculations

Battery cell Structure
Commercial cells available
Understanding cylindrical, pouch and prismatic cell shapes
Criteria for selection of cells based on the aim of EV performance
The complexity of other subsystems while using either of 3 cell types
Module design
Mechanical considerations
Structural Analysis and Swappable module
Battery pack design – 1
Module/ cell arrangement
Ground-up EV vs Converted EV
Location of battery pack & mounting
Material selection for outside
Internal structure design

Once you are done with battery design, you will be learning different cell chemistry and how battery needs to be cooled in this module
Fundamentals of CFD
Applications of CFD/ Recap to Fluid Mechanics/
Types of PDEs & BC’s
Reynolds Transport theorem/ Conservation of Mass
Approximate solution of NS equations
Discretization Techniques (FDM)
Fundamentals of Battery
Battery Working principle
RedoX reactions/ Capacity/Voltage Principle
Electrodes material and structural properties

How the battery is being managed for its charging/cooling is mainly done by BMS (Backbone of EV) which is what you will learn in this module
Battery pack monitoring
Components of a battery pack
What is a Battery management system
Battery cell voltage monitoring
Battery cell temperature monitoring
Battery pack voltage monitoring
Battery pack current monitoring
BMS Safety: Operating Limits
Over Temperature
Over Current
Battery pack controlling and protection
BMS protection against high and low temperature
BMS protection against over and under-voltage
BMS protection against deep discharging
BMS protection against overcharging
BMS protection against electrical failures

You will learn how important it is to understand different powertrain system and more importantly, the topology of its placement is in this module
Introduction to vehicle powertrain (xEV)
Vehicle propulsion system
EV powertrain comparison with conventional IC Engines
The topology of EV powertrains
The topology of a completely electric vehicle
The different powertrain topology
Series, Parallel and Series-Parallel hybrid vehicle Topology
Tire + Longitudinal Vehicle Dynamics
Vehicle propulsion System Physics
Vehicle forces
Power Requirement
Vehicle transmission
Transmission in the electric and hybrid vehicles
Types of transmission
Use in the EV passenger cars
HDV with examples

If you want to avoid battery or powertrain catching fire during a collision, it’s important to understand different safety standards while designing
Basic Functional Safety
HARA, Safety Goals, ASIL levels
System safety
Software safety
Hardware safety
Support process, DIA, SEooC
HV Safety
Contactor aging
Contactor weld
Cutoff concept
Equal potential bond
Isolation monitoring

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June 27th ,2022 (10 AM Onwards)
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June 25th ,2022 Till 11.59 PM
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