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We render our services on solar PV technology on the following fronts – Solar P V Technology Training, Certified Solar Industrial Internships for final year Engineering Students, Design and execution of solar projects, Placement in energy sector.

Full Stack Web Development

Become a Fullstack Web Developer by learning the most in demand skills! This is one of the fastest growing Internship on Solar secure.

EV and HEV Vehicles related Services

Explore wide variety of services regarding EV and HEV related services.

Embedded Systems and Smart Grid

Explore all the opportunities in embedded and Smart grid related applications . Learn designing of embedded systems .

Benefits of Training and Internship

Get Industry Work Exposure

Complete solar company’s work exposure and training as per industry standards.

Complete your Internship Requirements

For completing internship requirement under the fixed curriculum of the Institute/College.

Work on Multple Solar Projects

Students opportunities of working in multiple solar project tasks with the latest technology tools.

Enhance your Skills

This Internship will add value to the undergraduate degree of students and help them in enhancing their personality and skills.

Advance exposure with Dedicated team.

The Internship will provide an advance exposure to the real challenges that the students are expected to face outside an academic campus.

Train for the Job Market

This practise is expected to be useful as students will get to train human resources before they enter the job market in a formal manner.

PM Modi calls for ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ to improve viability of solar power
PM Modi also announced that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will soon launch an application to calculate solar power potential of any place on earth.

Emphasising that everything is created from Sun, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called for ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ to improve the viability of solar power and announced that India’s space agency ISRO will soon provide the world a calculator that can measure solar energy potential of any region across the globe.

Virtual Internships Are Here to Stay—and That’s a Good Thing

Amid the challenges of 2020, one of the most successful learning experiences for me was pivoting to a 100 percent remote internship program at the National Gallery of Art.

When I began planning to make the transition last March, I saw virtual internships as a temporary workaround during the pandemic. But after a broad research process where I absorbed best practices from museums, the corporate world, higher education, and associations, a switch went off in my head. I started to see that we should embrace the unique benefits of virtual internships as a way to move museums more fully into the twenty-first century.

List of Colleges and students enrolled Internship till now