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Web Designing is the Main Service offered since the very beginning of Solar secure. We Design a variety of Websites like portfolio/individual website, Social, Commercial, eCommerce, Job Portal Etc.

Full Stack Web Development

Become a Fullstack Web Developer by learning the most in demand skills! This is one of the fastest growing Internship on Solar secure.

Data Science

Master and Implement the building blocks of Data Science – Python, Statistics, and Predictive Modeling.

Artificial Intelligence with ML

Best Online Internship for Engineers to learn about Web development Practices and Technologies from the Experts on Projects.

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Web Designing

Creating websites that are compatible with various devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Front-end Development

Designing and coding the visual elements of a website, including the user interface and user experience, using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Back-end Development

Building server-side applications and databases to ensure the functionality and performance of the website or web application.

API Development and Integration

Creating and integrating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect different software applications and enable seamless data exchange.

Mobile App Development

Extending services to mobile platforms by creating native or hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Web Hosting and Maintenance

Providing hosting solutions and ongoing maintenance services to ensure websites are secure, up-to-date, and running smoothly.

Virtual Internships Are Here to Stay—and That’s a Good Thing

Amid the challenges of 2020, one of the most successful learning experiences for me was pivoting to a 100 percent remote internship program at the National Gallery of Art.

When I began planning to make the transition last March, I saw virtual internships as a temporary workaround during the pandemic. But after a broad research process where I absorbed best practices from museums, the corporate world, higher education, and associations, a switch went off in my head. I started to see that we should embrace the unique benefits of virtual internships as a way to move museums more fully into the twenty-first century.

PM Modi calls for ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ to improve viability of solar power

PM Modi also announced that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will soon launch an application to calculate solar power potential of any place on earth.

Emphasising that everything is created from Sun, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called for ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ to improve the viability of solar power and announced that India’s space agency ISRO will soon provide the world a calculator that can measure solar energy potential of any region across the globe.

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